About Secure Dog Walking Fields UK

secure dog walking fields UKSecure Dog Walking Fields UK is a new start up company looking to provide good sized, safe and secure areas that clients can rent on a monthly basis to be able to spend quality, worry free time with their dogs, without fear of them running off, being attacked or encountering any trigger situations that cause them anxiety or upset.

The fields will be available to both pet dog guardians and professionals looking for safe areas to hire for training or dog walking.

With the introduction of dog control orders in several areas of the UK already, and the growing number of incidents of dogs being attacked out walking, we are passionate about making safe off lead play areas available in as many locations as possible.

The company has been started by Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant Meesh Masters of The Dog’s Point of View.  As a trainer she is only too aware of how difficult it can be for many people with dogs that have to stay on lead whatever the reason, be it lack of recall, or because they have  reactivity issues.  For these people having a good sized, safe space to hang out and spend quality outdoor time with their dogs, would transform their lives.  To not have to worry or continually be on guard for problems is like providing both dog and guardian with a little piece of heaven on earth.

The way Secure Dog Walking Fields UK works is different to many other dog walking fields that are hired by the hour.  The idea is to be able to have available a share of your own secure field or woodland area, a bit like a timeshare, that you can rent on a monthly basis for a fixed fee.  There would be an online booking system in place, but obviously if you were friends with any of the other tenants renting the field, and your dogs got along, you could of course arrange to share your booking slots, giving you even more hours for the same cost.

For example, 8 field tenants renting a one acre space (field or woodland) at a cost of £65 per calendar month would equate to approximately 7 hours usage (daylight hours) per week/per tenant in the winter months, which equates to a cost of around £2.14 per hour, and approximately 13 hours usage per week/per tenant in the summer months which equates to a cost of around £1.15 per hour.  Obviously the larger the field or woodland space, the more expensive it would be, but we would endeavour to keep the costs as low as possible.

Each field will be sourced in response to the interest registered by you, the people that want to use it.  So the more people that register in your location, the sooner we could look to source a field for you.  All our fields will be securely fenced and natural canine enrichment experiences created within them.  The height of the fencing will be determined by the location of the field or woodland and the requirements of you the people that want to use it.  We would aim to provide off road parking at every field, and some form of shelter, but again this may depend on the location of the field/Woodland and may take a little time to put in place because of planning applications etc.

If you would like to register your interest in having a Secure Dog Walking Field or woodland area available to rent in your local area, you can do so by CLICKING HERE and completing our short registration form.

Once we receive your completed registration, we will keep in touch with you on progress & any developments in your area.